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There’s no going back after a tragedy, or a death, or a loss, or a change. Why would we diminish growth? We grow into something else that’s more than what we were before the tragedy happened. We can never become less than what we’ve ever been– we can only grow. And resistance, trying to go backwards, is only going to lead to stagnation, to frustration, and to heartache. That’s exactly what happened to me in 2018.

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By Alyssa, January 9, 2019
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About Me
Hey, I'm Alyssa!
When a mysterious illness sidelined my original plans in life, I packed up and moved home to Kenora, Ontario, Canada. With little money, the inability to work, and a whole lot to figure out, I moved into my family’s cabin on Lake of the Woods. So these are the moments, the recipes, the occasional heartache, and the adventures of a life starting over on the little island between Fox and Hare.
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